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How Excel Figures Window Sizes When First Opened PSS ID Number: Q44037 Article last modified on 02-26-1993 PSS database name: W_eXceL

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The following information concerns the size of the “application window” and the “worksheet window” when working in Excel. The application window is the entire Microsoft Excel window. The worksheet window is the actual size of a worksheet when it opens in the application window.

More Information:

The following explains how Excel determines the window size:

  1. Application window

    The size of the entire application window into which Excel initially opens is figured internally by Excel. This window size cannot be altered. If Excel opens into a window (not fullscreen), it opens at this default size. The only change that can be made to the size of the application window is that the window can be maximized.

    To maximize Excel’s application window so that Excel opens fullscreen, the line “MAXIMIZED=1” must be added to the [Microsoft Excel] section of the WIN.INI file. If at any point in an Excel session the fullscreen application window is restored to a window (not running fullscreen), the MAXIMIZED=1 setting of the WIN.INI file automatically changes to MAXIMIZED=0. This setting instructs Excel to open in a window, not fullscreen.

  2. Worksheet window:

    With one exception (see below), a worksheet cannot initially be opened at a maximized setting. The worksheet always opens in a window. There is no control over the size that new worksheets are opened as. When a windowed worksheet is saved, it saves with it the size and position of the window. It reopens in that same size and position. When a maximized worksheet is saved, it saves with it the size and position of the window that the worksheet was last in. The worksheet opens next time into this window size and position.

    Exception: If a worksheet being worked in is maximized (fullscreen), then all (new or previously saved) worksheets opened open maximized. Once any of these sheets is put into its restored setting (windowed), all files are put into their windowed settings, and any files opened thereafter open in windows.

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