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Works: Send/Receive Protocol with the Communication Package

PSS ID Number: Q43835 Article last modified on 06-10-1996

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Works for the Macintosh, versions 1.x and 2.0


MacBinary, a type of XMODEM protocol for Macintosh computers, should be used when transferring a binary Macintosh file to or from a bulletin board service (BBS), a commercial (or online) information service such as CompuServe and Genie, or any other computer that accepts the MacBinary format. Examples of binary files are applications and program files in native file formats, such as a formatted Microsoft Works Word Processor file.

XMODEM Data should be used to receive a file from a computer other than a Macintosh or any computer whose software does not support the MacBinary format. Use this option to receive files containing both alphanumeric characters and formatting information. An example is when a Macintosh is connected to a DOS computer via modem to transfer a binary file that separate programs running on either machine can read. Microsoft Word is an example of a program that shares binary file formats across different types of computers.

XMODEM Text should be used to send and receive text-only files, or those that have no formatting. This option is used mainly when an error-checking protocol is needed because of suspected line noise, when connecting to a mainframe that supports only that protocol, or when the highest speed of text transmission is desired. An example of a nonformatted file is a Works database that has been saved as an export file.

For more information on how to send and receive files, see Chapter 18 of the “Using Microsoft Works” version 2.0 manual.

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