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Support for Apple ImageWriter I and II in Word

PSS ID Number: Q43708 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The Apple dot-matrix printers ImageWriter I and ImageWriter II are not directly supported by Word versions 5.00 and earlier. The ImageWriter II is supported in Word 5.50.

The TTY.PRD printer driver, designed to allow the use of unsupported printers to print Word documents, is used to print basic documents from within Word. However, TTY.PRD does not allow character fonts and special features (bold, italic, underlined text, etc.) to print.


You can use the printer driver conversion utility provided with Word (CONVPRD.EXE for Word versions 1.x and 2.x; or MAKEPRD.EXE for Word versions 3.x, 4.00, 5.00, and 5.50) to modify the TTY.PRD printer driver to add support for ImageWriter fonts and features.

For specific information on the ImageWriter, consult the ImageWriter technical reference manual.

For information about the structure of PRD files, consult the “Printer Information for Microsoft Word” manual.

To ensure proper data flow with the ImageWriter’s hardware protocol, set the SerialInterface: flag to 32768.

The correct cable pinouts for an ImageWriter Mini 8 connector to an RS232 serial port are as follows:

Mini 8 RS232 —— —–

 3          2
 5          3
 1         20
 2          5, 6, 8
 4, 8       7

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