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Creating a Date Series with a Stop Value in Excel

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  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, versions 2.x, 3.0, 4.0, 4.0a, 5.0


In Microsoft Excel, the Data Series command can be used to create a date series. If you enter an invalid stop value, Microsoft Excel doesn't create a proper series.

For example, you enter 1/1/89 in cell A1, select the entire column by clicking the column header, and choose Data Series. When the dialog box displays, it shows the series in columns; the type is date with a step value of 1. If you then select month and a stop value of 12 to make a one-year series, and choose OK, nothing happens.


When you enter a stop value of 12 when working with dates, Microsoft Excel views that as a serial number that represents a date of 1/12/1900. Since the last date entered in the selection is greater than the value indicated in the Stop Value box no entries are made.

To work around this problem, enter the stop value that you want to use in a date format such as 12/89, and Microsoft Excel will create the proper Data Series.

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