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Copying or Cutting to Clipboard

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows operating system versions 2.x, 3.0, 3.0a


In many Windows-based applications, each time you copy or cut an item the item is placed in the Clipboard. Each new edit action replaces any previous data stored in the Clipboard. The Clipboard does not need to be running for you to use it. CLIPBOARD.EXE is a utility that allows you to view the contents of the Clipboard currently in memory.


You cannot prevent a cut or copy from a Windows application being placed into the Clipboard.

Some standard MS-DOS-based applications have similar edit commands but do not use Windows Clipboard to transfer information. However, you be able to cut and copy to the Clipboard through the edit commands that appear on the Windows Control menu. This menu is available in most MS-DOS-based applications running under Windows by pressing the ALT+SPACEBAR combination while you are running the MS-DOS-based application.

Note that some Windows-based applications do not use the Clipboard. For example, CorelDRAW is a Windows-based application that does not use the Clipboard.


See Pages 131-134 in the "Microsoft Windows User's Guide" for a more complete description of the Clipboard.

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