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PRB: ILINK: Fatal Error L1268: .SYM/.ILK Mismatch

PSS ID Number: Q43269 Article last modified on 04-26-1993

2.03 2.10 3.00 WINDOWS

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit for Windows version 3.0

Problem: When using ILINK to relink the C files I have changed, I get the following error message: ILINK: fatal error L1268: .SYM/.ILK mismatch

Response: As described on Page 64 of the ILINK documentation contained in the “Microsoft CodeView and Utilities Software Development Tools for MS OS/2 and MS-DOS Operating Systems Update” for C Version 5.10, the /inc switch produces both a .SYM file and an .ILK file. Both of these files contain pertinent data for ILINK. Also, please note that on Page 96 of the SYMDEB section of the “Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit Programming Tools” manual, the MAPSYM command creates a .SYM file from the MAP file. Since the MAPSYM command follows the link4/inc command line, the .SYM file created to be used with ILINK is overwritten by MAPSYM and therefore will not be recognized by ILINK. If you were to comment the MAPSYM line out of the make file, the above error will disappear. The symbolic information is already created; therefore, you do not need MAPSYM. If you want to update the information in your .SYM file, you have to do a full link with the /inc option; ILINK does not do this for you.

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