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Compile-Time Error Chart, Supplement for Macintosh QuickBASIC PSS ID Number: Q43155 Article last modified on 04-25-1991 PSS database name: B_MQuickB

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The “Compile-Time Error Messages” chart was left out of the “Microsoft QuickBASIC For Apple Macintosh: Language Reference” version 1.00, 1.00a, and 1.00b manual. As a replacement, you may use the error message chart included below, which is taken from the earlier compiler (pages 437-448 of the “Microsoft BASIC Compiler for Apple Macintosh” manual for Microsoft BASIC Compiler version 1.00).

For a more detailed description of each error message below, see the file MQBERRS. MQBERRS can be found in the Software/Data Library by searching on the keyword MQBERRS, the Q number of this article, or S12247. MQBERRS was archived using the PKware file-compression utility.

More Information:

Error # Compile-Time Error Message ——- ————————–

1          SUB without END SUB
2          Wrong Number of arguments
3          Undefined DATA label
4          Expecting a variable
5          Expecting end of statement
6          Illegal character
7          END SUB/EXIT SUB in main program
8          DEF statement syntax error
9          Invalid statement label

10 Duplicate statement label 11 Duplicate subprogram name 12 Duplicate variable name 13 Missing main program 14 Missing argument 15 Numeric overflow 16 Illegal statement ordering 17 Syntax error 18 Undefined statement label 19 Undeclared array 21 Expecting closing parenthesis 23 I/O control list error 24 Maximum of seven dimensions exceeded 25 Array subscript error 27 Spelling error? 28 Unterminated FOR or WHILE loop 29 IF without END IF 30 ELSE/ELSEIF without IF 31 Static array redimensioned 32 $INCLUDE file not found 33 Alpha character expected 34 Illegal $INCLUDE statement in $INCLUDE file 36 SELECT CASE without END SELECT 37 CASE statement expected 39 DATA statement in single-line IF statement 40 I/O control argument is not CHARACTER 41 Expecting a symbol 42 Expecting an opening parenthesis 43 Unexpected end of statement 44 Invalid $OPTION specifier 45 NEXT without FOR or WEND without WHILE 46 END IF without IF 47 Array boundary error 48 Illegal FOR variable 49 Case constant exceeds 126-character limit 50 Semicolon was expected 51 A comma was expected 52 Argument type mismatch 53 This feature requires the N option 54 FOR/WHILE loops nested deeper than 64 55 CASE without SELECT CASE 56 Statement not in a subprogram block 58 Attempt to redefine option base 59 Illegal argument 60 Address out of 16-bit-range - use A option 61 An equals sign was expected 62 Undeclared subprogram 63 Static variables cannot be erased 64 System startup code file not found 65 Internal error 99 Internal stack level error Undefined error code - internal error

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