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Word: Using a Sheet Feeder on a Dot-Matrix Printer

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When using a sheet feeder, the NEC and Epson dot-matrix printers (and probably others) will feed an extra blank sheet of paper after each printed page, or the top margin will creep down the page. According to NEC, there is a .5-inch unusable portion at the top of each page fed by the cut sheet feeder. The Epson sheet feeder manual states that two lines will be lost at the top of each page.

To eliminate this problem, set the page length to 10.5 inches, and adjust the margins accordingly.

If the top and bottom margins continue to be inconsistent, use the MAKEPRD utility to modify the printer driver. At byte:8, eliminate the control code and set a mod value equal to 1. This procedure will force a formfeed at the bottom of the page rather than a linefeed, which may not be accurate.

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