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Locating Subdirectory with _dos_findfirst & _dos_findnext


5.10 6.00 6.00a 6.00ax 7.00 | 5.10 6.00 6.00a | 1.00 1.50 MS-DOS | OS/2 | WINDOWS kbprg ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The information in this article applies to: - The C Run-time (CRT), included with: - Microsoft C for MS-DOS, versions 5.1, 6.0, 6.0a, and 6.0ax - Microsoft C for OS/2, versions 5.1, 6.0, and 6.0a - Microsoft C/C++ for MS-DOS, version 7.0 - Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows, versions 1.0 and 1.5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY ======= When the attribute argument to the _dos_findfirst() and _dos_findnext() functions is either _A_RDONLY, _A_HIDDEN, _A_SYSTEM, or _A_SUBDIR, the functions will return all normal-attribute files. A normal-attribute file is any file that does not have a read-only, hidden, system, or directory attribute. Thus, the following function call will return either a normal file or a subdirectory: _dos_findfirst( "*.*", _A_SUBDIR, &c_file ) MORE INFORMATION ================ To verify that the returned c_file is a subdirectory, check the attribute field of the c_file to determine whether the _A_SUBDIR bit is set. If so, then it is a subdirectory. This process may be accomplished by doing a bitwise-and of c_file.attrib with _A_SUBDIR and checking for a nonzero result. The following program illustrates the use of these functions: #include #include main() { struct find_t c_file; _dos_findfirst( "*.*", _A_SUBDIR, &c_file ); if( c_file.attrib & _A_SUBDIR ) printf( "Directory listing %s\n", ); while (_dos_findnext(&c_file) == 0) if( c_file.attrib & _A_SUBDIR ) printf( "Directory listing %s\n", ); } Additional reference words: kbinf 5.10 6.00 6.00a 6.00ax 7.00 1.00 1.50 KBCategory: kbprg KBSubcategory: CRTIss

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