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Word: Problems Using MAKEPRD and .PRDs Created by Fontware

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MAKEPRD will have no trouble converting a Fontware-created printer driver from .PRD to Text. MAKEPRD will run into an error, however, when converting a Fontware printer driver from Text to .PRD if the printer driver contains a font name that consists of two words.

Font names in a Word printer driver must consist of only one word; MAKEPRD will be unable to properly convert the text file to a .PRD file.

To resolve this problem, you must check each font name in the text file. If the font name consists of two or more words, either remove the space(s) between the words that make up the font name or replace the space(s) with an underscore.

After saving the text file with the changes made, MAKEPRD should be able to convert the text file back into a printer driver.

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