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INF: Sending EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) to a Printer ID Number: Q43048

2.10 3.00 3.10 WINDOWS


An application can perform the following steps to send EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) to a PostScript printer as part of a document:

  1. Use the DEVICEDATA printer escape to send the information.
  2. Frame the EPS with the gsave and grestore commands. If the EPS contains any complicated output, use the save and restore commands instead.

The PostScript printer driver preserves the order of its input. Also, because the PostScript driver does not perform any banding, the print spooler should not cause any problems.

Note: The application must download code to the printer to correctly position the EPS image on the page [that is, to change the current transform matrix (CTM)]. In addition, to avoid unwanted page ejections, the application must edit the EPS to remove commands such as ShowPage.

Additional reference words: 2.10 3.00 3.10 2.x SR# G881229-8766