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First Line of Second Side-by-Side Paragraph is Lower in Word

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In Word Version 4.00, when using side-by-side paragraphs with a font that requires line spacing of more than “1 li,” the first line of the right paragraph is not in line with the first line of the left paragraph. Instead, it is printed about one-third of a line lower. This problem occurs with side-by-side paragraphs that are the first item printed on the page.

The workaround for this problem is to precede each side-by-side paragraph with a blank line (i.e., a paragraph mark) that is formatted for 0 (zero) line spacing and side by side set to Yes.

If it is uncertain which side-by-side paragraph will be at the top of the page, all side-by-side paragraphs with line spacing greater than “1” can be formatted in this manner.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem with Word Version 4.00. This problem was corrected in Word Version 5.00.

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