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Internal Stack Failure on PS/2, EGA, Running MS-DOS 4.00

PSS ID Number: Q42759 Article last modified on 11-08-1994




The message “Internal Stack Failure” can appear when you attempt to start Flight Simulator Version 2.14 on an IBM PS/2 Model 60 with an EGA graphics adapter running under MS-DOS Version 4.00.

Microsoft did not test Flight Simulator 2.14 with MS-DOS Version 4.00, and cannot guarantee its performance in this configuration. You cannot boot directly from the Flight Simulator disk when using an EGA or VGA card. You must boot from a DOS disk, replace the DOS disk with the Flight Simulator disk, and then type “FS E” at the A> prompt to start Flight Simulator.

As a workaround, boot your system from an earlier version of DOS. Make sure that the following statements are included in the CONFIG.SYS file of the boot disk:


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