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Excel Msg: Revert to Saved Document

Last reviewed: March 4, 1996
Article ID: Q42730

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, versions 2.x, 3.0, 4.0
  • Microsoft Excel for OS/2, versions 2.2, 2.21, and 3.0


When you open a file in Microsoft Excel, you may receive the following message:

   Revert to saved document?

When you choose OK, nothing is displayed on the screen. Only the File menu is displayed on the menu bar.


This message appears when you open a file, edit it, and then open the file again without first saving the changes.

If only the File menu is displayed after you open a file, the worksheet was hidden by choosing Hide from the Window menu. Choose Unhide Window from the File menu to display the worksheet and the full menu bar.

This behavior does not occur in Microsoft Excel version 5.0. When you open a hidden file in Microsoft Excel version 5.0 while the file is already open, you receive a message asking if you want to reopen the file. If you choose YES, the file opens as unhidden.

Note: If you are editing an Excel worksheet and the file accidentally becomes corrupt and you have not saved changes to the file, you can recover the original worksheet by doing the following:

  1. Choose Open from the File menu and select the name of the file that you are editing. A dialog box appears with the message "Revert to Saved Document?"
  2. Choose OK. The file you are editing reverts to the last saved version of the file.

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Last reviewed: March 4, 1996
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