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Support for the IBM Personal Pageprinter Model II

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Support for the IBM Personal Pageprinter II (Model 4216-30) is included with Word versions 5.00 and 5.50. For Word version 4.00, the Personal Pageprinter II (Model 4216-30) uses POSTSCRP.PRD instead of IBMLASER.PRD for printing portrait and POSTSCRL.PRD instead of IBMLASRL.PRD for printing landscape. For Word versions 5.00 and 5.50, it uses POSTSCRP.PRD instead of IBMLASER.PRD for portrait and landscape.

If you are having problems getting complete output or if you are printing documents containing graphics files, many font changes, or very large type (greater that 40 points), you must use the DOS MODE command to set up a perpetual retry on the printer port. For example, use the following

MODE LPTx:,,P MODE COMx:9600,n,8,1,P

where “x” is the port to which the printer is connected (for example, LPT1: or COM1:).

The IBM Personal Pageprinter II, also referred to as the IBM 4216 Model 30, is a newer model of the Personal Pageprinter. It no longer uses an adapter card, and it connects to a physical parallel port or serial port on the computer. You no longer print to an “EPT:” port by selecting “LPT3:” from the Print Options menu in Word version 5.00 or from the File Printer Setup dialog box in Word 5.50.

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