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Using the Math8b Symbol Set on the HP J Cartridge

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The Hewlett-Packard J cartridge contains a Math8a symbol set and a Math8b symbol set. Word utilizes the Math8a symbol set for the Math8 font. To access the Math8b symbol set, make the following changes to HPLASER1.PRD or HPLASER3.PRD:

  1. Use MAKEPRD to convert the printer driver to a text file.

  2. Go to Font Description 59 - {F59.

  3. Change the beginmod line of FontSize:14 and FontSize:20 from the following


    to the following:


    After you have made these changes, the beginmod line for FontSize:14 should read as follows:

    beginmod:0 “[(1Q[s8t7vpsb16.66H”

    FontSize:20 should read as follows:

    beginmod:0 “[(1Q[(s3t12vpsb10H”

  4. Save the file and use MAKEPRD to convert the file back to a printer driver.

Use this new printer driver to access the Math8b symbol set.

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