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Library Number Deletes Bookmarks

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If a bookmark is attached to the number of numbered paragraphs, Library Number will delete the bookmark. The following example illustrates this problem:

The above are examples of paragraphs in a document. If bookmarks are attached to the “1”, “2”, and “3”, then Library Number will delete the bookmarks.

To prohibit the loss of the bookmark by Library Number, the number and the period following the number must be selected as the bookmark area. For instance, instead of just selecting “1” and giving it a bookmark name, you must select “1.”.

The bookmark is lost if just the “1” is named as the bookmark because Library Number inserts the updated number at the end of the old number, and then deletes the old number. The bookmark is entirely within the old number, so the bookmark is lost when the old number is deleted. If the bookmark includes the period following the number, the bookmark is temporarily stretched to accommodate the new number, and then contracted when the old number is deleted.

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