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Works Error Message “Invalid Number” with Print Printer

PSS ID Number: Q42411 Article last modified on 06-12-1996

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If the error message “Invalid Number” appears when choosing Print Printer, check the following:

  1. In the Print screen, check to make sure there is a number entered in the “Number of Copies:” field, not a lowercase letter “l”.
  2. In the Print Layout screen, check to see that there is a number entered in the “First Page:” field, not a blank or a lowercase letter “l”.
  3. Quit Works and delete the WORKS.INI file, start Works, set Print Layout to the desired choices, as well as Window Settings Units to the desired units of measure, and try to print again.
  4. Boot with a clean copy of DOS and try to print from Works. If this does not re-create the error message, check the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files for two mouse drivers being loaded (MOUSE.COM in AUTOEXEC.BAT and MOUSE.SYS in CONFIG.SYS). Remove the mouse driver from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and reboot. (We recommend that only one mouse driver be used; this uses less memory). Also, make sure the most current mouse drivers are being used. Start Works and print as usual.

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