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Word: Editing Keys for Command Fields

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To edit part of a command field without having to retype the entire field, use the F9 and F10 keys. To move backward through the field, use F9. To move forward through the field, use F10.

For example, use F9 in the “filename:” field of the Transfer Save command when all you want to change is the drive letter. F9 moves you to the beginning of the field where you can delete the drive letter and enter the new one.

Use the F10 key in the same field to change the name of a file that is preceded by a long path. F10 moves you to the end of the field where you can change the filename without retyping the path.

Following are two ways to edit part of a command field in Word 5.50 without having to retype the entire field:

  1. Use the mouse to highlight the area to delete, press the DEL key, then use the mouse to place the cursor at the insertion point and type the new text.
  2. Press the right arrow key to remove the highlight and put the cursor at the end of the field, then use the left arrow key to position the cursor where you want to edit.

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