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MERGEPRD Gives Error Message When Accessing AFM File

PSS ID Number: Q41473 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




When adding support for downloadable Adobe PostScript fonts, MERGEPRD gives an error message such as “invalid encoding scheme AppleStandard.”


MERGEPRD was written to access only Adobe standard AFM files. An AFM file is an Adobe Font Metrics file in ASCII format. The AFM file contains the information for one PostScript printer font. This font information includes topics such as composite character data, character metrics, and kerning data. To modify your existing AFM file so that MERGEPRD can read it, do the following:

  1. Load the AFM file into Word.

  2. Search for EncodingScheme.

  3. Replace AppleStandard with AdobeStandardEncoding.

  4. Note that the uppercase letters are necessary.

  5. The EncodingScheme line should now read as follows:

    EncodingScheme AdobeStandardEncoding

  6. Save the AFM file as Text only.

MERGEPRD also looks for a file with the same filename as your AFM file, but with an extension of PFB. If you have a file with a PFA extension, you can rename this file to have a PFB extension. The PFA or PFB file contains the actual font definition itself.

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