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Changing the Usage Type of a Stylesheet Entry

PSS ID Number: Q41356 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The usage type (Character, Paragraph, Division) of a style sheet entry cannot be changed with the Name command from the Gallery menu. The style’s Key Code, Variant, and Remark can be edited with the Name command.

To change a style’s usage type, the style sheet entry must be deleted with the Delete command from the Gallery menu and then a new entry must be created with the Insert command.

The style type (Character, Paragraph, Section) for a Word 5.50 style cannot be changed with the Rename Style command from the Edit menu within the stylesheet window. The style’s Key Code, Style I.D. and Remark can all be edited with the Rename Style command.

To change a style’s usage type in Word 5.50, delete the entry with the Edit Cut command and re-create the style with the Insert New Style command.

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