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INF: Cannot Add the "Guest" Username

ID: Q41328

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server version 4.2 for OS/2

The word "guest" is a special username that does not have a corresponding login ID. There is no way to add it using SAF if it is deleted. SAF should display the guest username in the add username dialog whenever guest is not already a valid username.

GUEST can be added again by enabling updates to system tables and INSERTing a ROW in SYSUSERS as follows, where "?" is a currently unused user ID (GUEST is normally UID 2):

   INSERT SYSUSERS VALUES(-1,?,0,'guest') 

Additional query words: guest

Keywords          : kbother SSrvServer 
Version           : 4.2
Platform          : OS/2 
Issue type        : 

Last Reviewed: March 6, 1999