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Using Mode LFOFF with Tandy Printer and Underlined Text

PSS ID Number: Q41192 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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You must modify the Word printer driver before using the Tandy LFOFF utility with a Tandy printer. Change byte 144 (begin underline) from mod 2 to mod 1 in the printer driver. To invoke the utility, type the following at the DOS prompt:


Once the LFOFF utility is run, the printer will do the following:

  1. Print the first character that is underlined.
  2. Backspace.
  3. Underline the character.
  4. Print the second character.
  5. Backspace.
  6. Underline the second character. This process will be repeated until the entire word is printed and underlined.

The printing process will be slower, but the underline will appear immediately below the text rather than on a separate line.

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