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Boxed Hanging Indent Paragraphs Misaligned

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The second, third, etc. lines are shifted right 0.2 inches when a thick line box is used; the lines are shifted right 0.1 inches for all other line styles when you do the following:

  1. Format a paragraph for a 1-inch hanging indent.
  2. Put a box around the paragraph with Format Border Box.

When using boxed hanging-indent paragraphs the left indent and first-line indent fields of Format Paragraph have to be adjusted to compensate for the width of the line style used for the box.

For example, for a thick-line style, boxed paragraph formatted for a 1-inch hanging indent, the left indent should be specified as 0.8 inches and the first line indent should be specified as minus 0.8 inches. This aligns the second, third, etc. lines to align properly.

This compensation can easily be done by using a paragraph style in a style sheet.

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