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INFO: Writing ROMable Code with Microsoft Languages

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The Microsoft LINK utility provided with Microsoft language compilers, is not designed to create absolutely addressed or "ROMable" code.

To write ROMable code, code which can be loaded at an absolute address at run time, using Microsoft language products, you'll need to acquire a special linker. Third party linkers are available for this purpose which can be obtained by calling any of the following companies:

Imbedded System Products (512) 338-9211 9430 Research Blvd. Building 4 Suite 310 Austin, TX 78759

Paradigm Systems (607) 748-5966 3301 Country Club Road Suite 2214 Endwell, NY 13760

Datalight (360) 435-8086 307 North Olympic Ave Suite 201 Arlington, WA 98223

The following magazine articles are a good source of information for the implementation details of a LOCATE utility. A LOCATE utility is used to create a binary or ROM image from an EXE produced by a DOS linker. These articles each contain source code for an implementation of a LOCATE utility in addition to the description of the function of a LOCATE utility.

The C Users Journal - March 1994 R&D Publications (913) 841-1631

Embedded Systems Programming - March 1994 Miller Freeman (415) 905-2200

These vendors are independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, reagarding these vendor's performance or reliability nor do we recommend the products of these vendors over that if any other company that produces a similar product.

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