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Word 5.00: Screen Driver Size

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The video or screen driver file that Word looks for is SCREEN.VID. To determine that you have the correct SCREEN.VID file, match the size of your SCREEN.VID to the size of the correct video driver file listed below for your video card. For example, if you have an EGA card, the size of your SCREEN.VID file should correspond to the size of EGA.VID listed below.


The valid video driver files for Word Version 5.00 are the following:

Drive File Size ———- —-

ATT6300.VID 9900 CGA.VID 14183 CGASNOW.VID 14236 COMPAQ3.VID 9857 EGA.VID 12897 ERICSSON.VID 10040 GENIUS.VID 9820 HERC102.VID 10454 HERC112.VID 16947 IBM3270.VID 9330 IBM8514.VID 24678 IBMCVT.VID 8147 MCGA.VID 6463 T3100.VID 12493 TANDY.VID 10862 VECTRA.VID 9858 VGA.VID 13389 ZENITH.VID 12829

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