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Word: Spell Undo Won’t Work If Last Correction at Document End

PSS ID Number: Q40904 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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In Word version 5.00, a limitation in the Word Spell program will not allow you to Undo a spelling correction if the last correction is at the end of your document.

In Word version 5.50 under the same circumstances, the Spell Undo command will not be accessible until you have moved one correction past the end of file marker.

In the following example, the Spell program cannot move back to the end of the document where the last edit was made because you told the Spell program to continue spell checking from the beginning of the document:

  1. Type “thiss is a tesst” and put the cursor on “tesst”.
  2. Spell check the document.
  3. Ignore or correct “tesst”.
  4. Press Y to go to the beginning of the document.
  5. Press Undo. Spell says there is no edit to undo, and Undo doesn’t undo the last correction.

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