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EMM386.SYS Memory Size Information and Limits PSS ID Number: Q40836 Article last modified on 02-23-1993 PSS database name: O_MSDOS

4.00 4.01


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft MS-DOS operating system versions 4.00 and 4.01


The <size> option of the EMM386.SYS command line specifies the amount of expanded memory that EMM386 makes available. The amount is given in kilobytes (K). The minimum value is 16K the maximum value is 8192K, and the default value is 256K. If a value for <size> is not a multiple of 16K, the size of an EMS page, EMM386 rounds this size value down to the next lowest multiple of 16K. Thus, the range of acceptable values for the <size> option of EMM386.SYS is as follows:

16 (16384 bytes) 32 (32768 bytes) 48 (49152 bytes) 8160 (8355840 bytes) 8176 (8372224 bytes) 8192 (8388608 bytes)

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