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Works 2.0: Creating Spread or Curved Text in the Draw Layer

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The directions for creating an arc of text on page 32 of the “Using Microsoft Works” version 2.0 manual are incorrect. The corrected steps are shown below. Step 7 has been added to explain how to create an arc of text in the shape of a circle.

To create an arc or circle of text in Microsoft Works, do the following:

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Draw On.

  2. Select the Text tool in the Tools palette.

  3. Click the cursor in the document and enter the desired text.

  4. From the Edit menu, choose Cut after selecting the text.

  5. Select the Arc tool in the Tools palette.

  6. For an arc, draw the desired arc.

  7. For a circle:

    1. Draw an arc the shape of one quarter of a circle.

    2. Drag the black sizing box at one end of the arc around to form a circle.

  8. From the Line Pattern menu, choose Blank (the circle with a line through it). This will make the arc just drawn invisible.

  9. From the Format menu, choose Spread Text while the arc is selected.

The text will now be curved in the form of the previously created arc.

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