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Decreasing Printing Time on a PostScript Printer

PSS ID Number: Q40491 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Each time Word prints to a PostScript printer, it precedes the document file with a PostScript initialization file – the .INI file. The first time that the .INI file goes to the printer, it is processed and stored in the memory of the printer until the printer is turned off or receives a Reset command.

Each time thereafter that Word prints, the .INI file still precedes the document file, but it is not processed if it locates a copy resident in the printer’s memory. Because the .INI is not fully processed after the first print job, subsequent printing speed increases. However, some time is still spent locating and sending the initialization file to the printer, as well as locating any resident copy in the printer’s memory.


A method of speeding up the print processing is to modify the download flag in the header of the PostScript printer driver by doing the following:

  1. Using the MAKEPRD utility, convert the printer driver (POSTSCRP.PRD or POSTSCRL.PRD) into a text file.
  2. Load the text file into Word.
  3. Change the DownloadFlag setting from 2 to 0 (zero) in Word Version 4.00. The “2” indicates that the printer requires an initialization file to be sent to the printer before printing. The 0 indicates that there is no “setup” file required for downloading of fonts. In Word Version 5.00, change the DownloadFlag setting from 2 to 6, which sends only the .INI file to the printer the first time a print request is made in a Word session.

When this modification is made in Word Version 4.00, the .INI must be made resident in the printer by manually copying it to the printer each time the printer is turned on or reset.

This modification is especially useful if you are printing to a print spooler or to a network printer. Fewer files are sent to the spooler, reducing the processing time of the spooler as well as the printer.

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