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BUG: Mac QuickBasic Renamed File Reverts to Old Compiled Name

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

This article was previously published under Q40409


If you rename a QuickBasic source file in the Finder (by making a Duplicate with the name "Copy of filename," or by just modifying the name in the Finder), then QuickBasic fails to update the MBAN 0 resource (stored in the source file) with the new application filename on a Macintosh II. As a consequence, when QuickBasic compiles the program, it will output a compiled application name using the old name instead of the new name.

This problem occurs only on a Macintosh II computer. The problem does not occur on an SE or Plus, where the MBAN 0 resource is properly updated with the new name.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a bug in Version 1.00. We are researching this problem and will post new information as it becomes available.

To work around the problem, select the COMPILE AS... option instead of COMPILE on a Macintosh II. COMPILE AS... lets you rename the file as desired.


Note: QuickBasic stores the name of the (potential) compiled application in the MBAN 0 resource of the source file of every program. The MBAN resource is documented in the README file and this KnowledgeBase (Query for MBAN).

The following steps duplicate the problem on a Macintosh II:

  1. On the Macintosh II Desktop, duplicate the CONES sample program with DUPLICATE from the Finder's FILE menu. This creates "Copy of CONES."

    The problem also occurs if you rename the file by editing the filename in the Finder.
  2. Load the "Copy of CONES" into QuickBasic (or the renamed file). The title bar shows: LISTING of "Copy of CONES".
  3. Compile the program with the COMPILE option (not with COMPILE AS...) from the RUN menu.
  4. Now the APL application improperly has the following original name:


    The name should be "Copy of CONES APL".

Additional query words: MQuickB

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