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Using the AST TurboLaser Printer with Word

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The AST TurboLaser printer supports Lasergraphics Language. This printer uses a Laser Printer Controller (LPC) board that must be installed in the PC before using the TurboLaser. The board controls the printer’s operation and also houses the memory where languages, emulations, and fonts are stored.

You can set up the TurboLaser as a parallel and/or serial printer. Use the Setup program provided by AST with the TurboLaser to determine what configurations are available to you with your computer; then set the jumpers on the LPC board to the positions recommended by the Setup program.


The AST INSTALL automatic installation program performs the following steps:

  1. Creates the subdirectory ASTLP on your hard disk and copies the TurboLaser software into this subdirectory.

  2. Modifies the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to set up the TurboLaser automatically each time you start up the computer. The software that runs on the LPC board is contained in a file called ASTLASER.LNG, which must be downloaded to the LPC board using the LPLOAD download utility. The correct command to download the languages is as follows, where <port> is either COM1:, COM2:, LPT1:, LPT2:, or LPT3:

    lpload <port> astlaser.lng

    The DOS MODE command must also be used with the AST TurboLaser to set the print mode so that DOS won’t time out while handling lengthy printouts.

  3. Downloads the languages and emulations to the LPC board.

  4. Downloads selected fonts to the LPC board.

  5. Generates a test printout to demonstrate successful installation.

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