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System Requirements for Multiplan Version 4.00 PSS ID Number: Q39405 Article last modified on 01-09-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan




The following system requirements are necessary to run Multiplan Version 4.00:

  1. MS-DOS Version 2.00 or later or OS/2 Version 1.00 or later

  2. IBM Personal Computer or 100-percent compatible, IBM Personal System/2 or 100-percent compatible

  3. 384K available minimum memory

  4. Two floppies (3.5-inch or 5.25-inch) or a hard disk

  5. One of the following monitors and monitor adapters:

    Color/Graphics Adapter, Enhanced Graphics Adapter and 80-column monochrome, color monitor, Enhanced Color Display, Hercules Graphics Card, IBM Personal Computer Display (monochrome - IBM only)

    Monochrome display and printer adapter and 80-column monochrome monitor

    Built-in monitor included with any IBM Personal Computer or compatible

    Any IBM PS/2 graphics adapter and monitor

  6. Microsoft Mouse (serial, parallel, or InPort) or IBM Mouse optional

  7. Printer optional (See the PRINTERS.DOC file for information on printers which are specifically supported.)

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