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Memory Requirements for Hardware Products PSS ID Number: Q39350 Article last modified on 12-15-1988 PSS database name: PSS



This article lists the minimum available system memory requirements for selected Hardware group products.

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Paintbrush requires the following:

384K of total system memory

320K of available system memory

430K of available system memory if in EGA mode

480K of available system memory if in VGA mode;


No memory requirement exists for the Mach20; all that is required is an IBM PC, PC/XT or compatible. The original mother board may be 64K, 256K, or up to 640K with memory expansion. However, if you wish to install the Mach20 drivers, e.g. MACH20.SYS, you will need more than the minimum 64K of system board memory.

Mach20 with Memory Plus

If the system board does not have 640K, Memory Plus will create 640K of “system memory” by backfilling from its own installed minimum of 512K. The exception to this is the Memory Plus with 512K, which can only backfill to 576K if the system board has only 64K. Memory Plus with 1.5 megabytes or more will always backfill to 640K on the system board if necessary. The extra Memory Plus memory acts as expanded memory unless the operating system is OS/2, in which case the extra memory is counted as extended memory.


EasyCAD2 requires the following:

512K of available memory. Please note that more memory is needed to use EasyCAD with memory-resident software.


OnLine needs a minimum of 500K available system memory. OnLine may require slightly more available system memory; this depends on how it is executed, i.e., if the SR_MGR.EXE is spawned, it requires 559K free. Memory-resident programs may cause problems if their memory requirements, added to those of OnLine, exceed the available system memory. You may need as much as 580K to run Service Requests. (Any error message in the ERRFILE/XFERERR files given as 46,0 or X,0 is an out-of-memory error.)

Show Partner

Show Partner requires the following:

384K of system memory 256K of available memory


The mouse requires the following:

14.7K for MOUSE.COM (Versions 6.19-6.24)

19.8K for CPANEL.COM (Cpanel Version 6.11).

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