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“Insufficient Memory” During Print Merge

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After printing approximately 70 to 90 records during a Microsoft Word version 4.0 Print Merge, the error message:

Insufficient memory

may appear under the following conditions:

  1. The printer being used is a Hewlett-Packard (HP) LaserJet.
  2. The printer driver being used supports downloadable fonts.
  3. At least some of the text is formatted for a downloadable font.

Record size does not seem to have any bearing on this problem.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem with Word Version 4.00. This problem was corrected in Version 5.00.


The following are two workarounds to this problem:

  1. Set the “queued:” field under the Print Options command to Yes before doing the print merge.

  2. In the second workaround, use the following steps:

    1. Download the fonts from a separate document.

    2. Execute the Transfer Clear All command, which frees up memory space.

    3. Run the Print Merge command and answer “N” to the prompt to download fonts.

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