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Word: Options for Microspace Justification Flag

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“Microspace justification” refers to an equal amount of space between each word on a line of justified text. If a printer cannot do microspace justification, Word will use full spaces to justify text. In this case, the right margin of text may not align perfectly when different font sizes are used.

The microspace justification flag, located in the Header section of the printer driver, tells Word how the printer is capable of doing microspace justification.


Valid options for the microspace justification flag are as follows:

Option Function —— ——–

0 Sets microspace justification.

1 No microspace justification available.

2 No microspace justification in draft mode.

4 Use half-width correction for proportionally spaced. fonts.

6 No microspace justification in draft mode, and half-width correction for proportionally spaced fonts (combines flag values 2 and 4). Note: Word version 5.50 doesn’t support option 6.

8 Allows minimum-print head movement in units per inch (horizontal and vertical) to be other than twips. This is similar to the dxaMin for printer type 5, but applies to both dxaMin and dyaMin.

16 Start width table scaling (use character-width tables).

Word version 5.00 includes all of the above values for the microspace justification flag and the following value:

32 Don’t use microspace justification between words.

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