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Microsoft KB Archive/39163

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Word Message: “SAVE” (Flashing in Status Line)

PSS ID Number: Q39163 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Word Message: “SAVE” (flashing in status line)

You ignored the steady SAVE message that Word displayed in the status line when memory was low or when the scratch file on the Word program disk was filling up. The amount of memory left for Word to do its work is now very low.

Promptly try each of the following steps in the order given until the SAVE message disappears:

  1. Copy a single character to the scrap with the Copy command.
  2. Save all documents with the Transfer Save command.
  3. Save the style sheet, if any, with the Gallery Transfer Save command; then Exit to the Edit menu.
  4. Save the glossary, if any, with the Transfer Glossary Save command.
  5. Clear the screen with the Transfer Clear All command; then, retrieve the document you were working on with the Transfer Load command.

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