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Excel 1.00-1.50: Can't Change Font or Size of Header Text

Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
Article ID: Q38644


In versions of Microsoft Excel prior to 2.20, you cannot change the font or font size in a header or footer. The header and footer appear in the same font and size as the rest of the Excel worksheet/macro sheet.

For a chart, the header and footer are always in Geneva 12 point. This cannot be changed. If you print to a LaserWriter, the LaserWriter will print in Helvetica, due to font substitution.

However, the text in the header and footer can be changed to bold and/or italic by placing &B and/or &I, respectively, prior to the text in the header and/or footer.

For example, to print the name of the worksheet in bold at the top of the worksheet, place the following in the header:


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Additional reference words: 1.00 1.03 1.06 1.50

Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
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