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Works: New Features in Version 2.00 Spreadsheet Module

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Works for the Macintosh, version 2.0


The new features in the Microsoft Works version 2.00 Spreadsheet module are as follows:

Maximum Number of SpreadSheet Rows

Up to 16,382 rows in a Spreadsheet document can be used.

Select All Command

The Select All command now appears in the Edit menu in the Spreadsheet as well as in the Word Processor and Database. In the Spreadsheet, Select All selects all cells, including blank cells.


The Spreadsheet includes Date and Time functions.

Cell Notes

You can keep a description of each cell in a Spreadsheet document and display or print the description without disturbing the Spreadsheet document. To create a cell note, choose Open Cell Note from the Edit menu.

Set Cell Attributes Command

The Set Cell Attributes command consolidates the following commands in one dialog box:

General Fixed Dollar Percent Scientific Date Time Alignment Style

Cell Bordering

Works version 2.00 can outline a cell or range of cells to call attention to important information, using the Borders command on the Format menu.

Freezing Titles

You can freeze selected rows or columns horizontally or vertically so that they won’t scroll. This is useful for keeping headings on the screen when scrolling through a Spreadsheet document. The Freeze Title commands are included in the Options menu.


The new Works version 2.00 features listed above are also listed on Pages 423-424, Appendix G, of the “Using Microsoft Works” version 2.0 manual.

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