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How to Get Information About Support Advantage and GEnie PSS ID Number: Q38219 Article last modified on 09-16-1992 PSS database name: PSS


This article contains information about Microsoft Support Advantage and GEnie, including description of services and subscription costs.

For information about Microsoft Support Advantage, what services it offers, and its cost, please refer customers to Microsoft Product Support Services Telemarketing at (800) 443-4672, from 8 AM-6 PM Pacific time.

To sign up for GEnie, refer to GE’s toll-free number, (800) 638-9636. The people at this number can give information on the GEnie service, what services it provides, and sign up users. An example of a good candidate for GEnie is a user who wants an up-to-date buglist and does not need a full-support service.

For more information on both GEnie and Microsoft Support Advantage (for those not sure which service they should choose), refer customers to our 800 number (800) 443-4672. We cannot offer to sign up customers for GEnie, but we can provide them with enough information to make a decision.

More Information:

Microsoft Support Advantage is a two-way electronic support service offering a complete package of technical support and service solutions. Customers can send questions or requests for service directly to Microsoft support engineers, take part in discussions and access a special Microsoft database that contains answers to previously solved problems. Another feature of Microsoft Support Advantage is a library of software files that can be downloaded for the customer’s use. In addition, each Microsoft OnLine subscriber receives the technical newsletter “Microsoft Systems Journal” on a quarterly basis.

GEnie (GE Network for Information Exchange) is an electronic consumer- information service for personal computer enthusiasts. GEnie offers a variety of services, including news and information, finance, travel, shopping, computer games and references, electronic mail and real-time conferences. Through a subscription to GEnie, Microsoft users can take part in special forums and find answers to their technical questions in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. As GEnie subscribers, they also will have access to the full range of GEnie products and information services.

The usual GE sign-up fee is $29.95, but GE has waived that fee for Microsoft subscribers for the first six months (until March 1, 1989) or the first 10,000 subscribers, whichever comes first. The cost to use GEnie is as follows:

  1. Service during non-prime time hours (6 PM-6 AM in the subscriber’s time zone)

    $ 5 per hour for Round Table $10 per hour for Knowledge Base

  2. Service during prime-time hours (6 AM-6 PM in the subscriber’s time zone)

    $35 per hour for Round Table $35 per hour for Knowledge Base

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