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PRB: ErrMsg: kistartup: No Memory Available for Threads

ID: Q38035

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server for OS/2, version 4.2


When attempting to install or start SQL Server, the following error message is returned:

kistartup: no memory available for threads


This message usually indicates that there is insufficient disk space for the OS/2 swap file. During the SQL Server installation or startup the swap file may grow to a size that exceeds the available disk space. The amount of disk space required for the swap file depends on the amount of RAM in the machine and how much RAM is consumed by LAN Manager buffers and other processes.

The OS/2 swap file is called SWAPPER.DAT and is identified by the SWAPPATH parameter in the CONFIG.SYS file. The swap file usually starts out at about 0.6 megabytes and grows to accommodate the memory requirements of the processes that are running.


In order to avoid this error, either free up additional space on the drive containing the swap file or change the SWAPPATH parameter to the path of a drive or partition that contains adequate disk space.

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Version           : OS/2:4.2
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Last Reviewed: March 6, 1999