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Microsoft KB Archive/38033

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Information About the Scrap

PSS ID Number: Q38033 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The scrap is a temporary storage area (in memory) that holds a selected portion of text taken from a document. Selected (highlighted) text is placed in the scrap by copying with the Copy command, using the ALT+F3 key sequence, or by deleting with the Delete command or the DEL key. Text is inserted from the scrap into another location within the document, or into another document using the Insert command or the INS key.

In Word version 5.50, selected text is placed in scrap by choosing Edit Copy (CTRL+INS), or Edit Cut (SHIFT+DEL). To insert from scrap, choose Edit Paste (SHIFT+INS).

In Word 5.50, the INS key toggles between overtype and nonovertype mode. Press DEL to delete the selected information.

The contents of the scrap appear at the bottom of the screen between the braces. If too long to fit, the contents appear in abbreviated form.

Whatever you put in the scrap stays there until you delete or copy something else to the scrap. The scrap is not cumulative; only the last text you deleted or copied will be there. What was in the scrap before the last copy or deletion is overwritten.

To delete text permanently (not to scrap), highlight the text, and press SHIFT+DEL. The BACKSPACE key also does not delete text to the scrap. In Word 5.50, highlight the text and press the DEL key.

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