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Microsoft KB Archive/37996

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Pressing ENTER Key Immediately after Initiating Paste Special PSS ID Number: Q37996 Article last modified on 02-26-1993 PSS database name: W_eXceL

2.00 2.01 2.10 3.00 | 2.20 2.21 3.00



There are several methods of copying and pasting using Edit Copy. For a quick one-time paste, press ENTER and paste the contents into the selected cell. This method removes the copy information from the Clipboard.

This procedure applies only to Edit Paste, not Edit Paste Special. Press ESC to remove the information from the Clipboard after performing an Edit Paste Special command.

More Information:

To accomplish multiple pastes, use the Paste and Repeat Paste commands from the Edit menu. These commands leave the copied information on the Clipboard until replaced with another Copy command, ENTER is pressed or ESC is pressed.

Using Paste Special allows you to paste only selected portions of the copied information. However, the complete contents of the cells remain on the Clipboard so the Repeat Paste operation can be used. If ENTER is used in an attempt to remove the information from the Clipboard, it will paste the complete contents of the copied cells over the Paste Special that was just performed. If this has happened, the results can be undone by using the Edit Undo Paste command.

Additional reference words: 2.00 2.0 2.01 2.1 2.10 2.2 2.21 2.20 3.00 3.0 one time paste only once

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