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Proportionally Spaced Text Misaligns Box

PSS ID Number: Q37944 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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If text in a box drawn with the cursor line-draw feature (CTRL+F5) in Word version 4.00 is formatted with a proportionally spaced font, this will cause the right side of the box to be misaligned.

To eliminate the misaligned right edge, do one of the following:

  1. Format the text within the box as a monospaced font, such as Courier or Lineprinter. Use Column Select, (Shift+F6), to highlight just the text and not the line-draw characters themselves before selecting a new font.

  2. Use a tab to absolutely position the right edge of the box:

    1. Draw a box using the cursor line-draw feature.

    2. Turn on overtype (press F5).

    3. Highlight the entire box and set a tab stop at the right edge of the box.

    4. Position the cursor with the box, type the first line of text.

    5. Turn off overtype, delete the spaces separating the right edge of the box and the first line of text, then insert a tab.

    6. Turn overtype back on, type the following lines, delete the spaces, and insert as above for all subsequent lines within the box.

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