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Mac DOS: Options Stored in MAIL.INI File

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for Appletalk Networks 3.0
  • Microsoft Mail for Appletalk Networks 3.1

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The MAIL.INI file for Microsoft Mail (MS-DOS client) contains information designating the current network server, network zone, printer port, and default file types for file attachments used during a mail session on an MS- DOS client. You can change these settings by rerunning the Setup program or by modifying the MAIL.INI file with a text editor.


The MAIL.INI file, located in the directory you specify during Setup, contains the following information:

  • A list of default file formats to be used for files attached to mail messages (based on the three-character extension of the attached file)
  • The color setting for proper display on your MS-DOS workstation (created by the Setup program) (default = 2)
  • The name of the zone containing your server (created by the Setup program)
  • The name of the server your MS-DOS workstation is connected to (created by the Setup program)
  • Print width (default = 65 characters)
  • Print length (default = 54 lines)
  • Top margin (default = 0)
  • Left margin (default = 0)
  • Printer port (default = LPT2)

The following is a sample MAIL.INI file:

   .txt=Text file:TEXT:MSWD:text
   .sty=MS Word style sheet:::binary
   .wrd=MS Word document:TEXT:MSWD:binary
   .doc=MS Word document:WDBN:MSWD:binary
   .slk=SYLK spreadsheet:TEXT:XCEL:text
   .wks=PC spreadsheet:TEXT:XCEL:binary
   .wk1=PC spreadsheet:TEXT:XCEL:binary
   .xls=Excel spreadsheet:XLS :XCEL:binary
   .xlc=Excel chart:XLC :XCEL:binary
   .xlm=Excel macro:XLM :XCEL:binary
   .xlw=Excel workspace:XLW :XCEL:binary
   .exe=DOS executable file:::binary
   .bat=DOS Shell Script:TEXT:MSWD:text
   .com=DOS executable file:::binary
   .pm3=Pagemaker 3 publ.:ALB3:ALD3:binary
   .tem=Pagemaker template:ALT3:ALD3:binary
   .tpl=Pagemaker template:ALT3:ALD3:binary
   .=Default binary file:::binary
   .???=WordPerfect 4.2 doc.:WPPC:SSIW:binary
   .dbf=dBase III data file:::binary

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