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"File Not Found" or Hang Using INIT with Macintosh QuickBasic

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Article Last Modified on 10/20/2003


  • Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler for Macintosh 1.0
  • Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler for Macintosh 1.0
  • Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler for Macintosh 1.0

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"INIT" files are placed in the Macintosh System folder and are installed as memory-resident programs at boot time.

The following INIT files have been reported to cause various problems with Microsoft QuickBasic versions 1.0, 1.0a, and/or 1.0b for Apple Macintosh. Reported problems include system errors (bombs), hanging, or a "File Not Found" error at compile time:

Super Laser Spool
Super Spool*
Grappler (print spooler)
MacBuffer, from Egatron
Beep Sound
Short Lib
Easy Menus, from CE Software
Quickeys, from CE Software (reported to cause system hang or error when using QuickBasic's Alert Demo sample program)
Backgrounder (According to a customer, this printer INIT caused a "Too many files open" error at compile time in QuickBasic.)
HeirDA (a menu expander, reportedly caused the QuickBasic 1.0b compiler to stop with error "53", (File Not Found))
Vaccine 2.0 (A customer reported that he couldn't compile his program when running on Apple System 6.0.7 or 6.0.8 with the Vaccine 2.0 INIT program in memory.)

  • It has been reported that the Microsoft Basic Compiler version 1.0 and the Microsoft Basic Interpreter version 3.0 work correctly while Super Spool version 5.0 is resident in memory.


This INIT-incompatibility list originates from Microsoft customers and has not been confirmed by Microsoft. Microsoft cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party INITs or memory-resident software.

If you find that compiling or running a program results in an unusual error or it hangs the system, remove all INIT files from your Macintosh System folder and reboot. If this procedure corrects the problem, you should reinstall the INIT files one by one to determine which INIT or combination of INITs caused the interference.

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