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Simulating Character Styles in Word for Windows Version 1.0

PSS ID Number: Q37812 Article last modified on 02-28-1992


Summary: Unlike Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, Microsoft Word for Windows does not have character-based styles. Styles in Word for Windows can contain character formatting, but they must apply to the entire paragraph, not only a specific section of a paragraph. It is easy to simulate this feature in Word for Windows with the use of the macro recorder.

More Information: To simulate this feature, use the following steps: 1. Position the insertion point at a position that you will be superscripting/subscripting. 2. From the Macro menu, choose Record. Name the macro, and choose the OK button. 3. From from Format menu select Character. 4. In the character dialog, modify the character formatting to meet the format that you would like to invoke. 5. From the Macro menu, choose Stop Recorder. 6. Next add the formatting to a menu or assign to a key using one (or both) of the following methods: To assign to a menu, do the following: a. Select Assign to menu from the Macro menu. b. In the Macro Name list box, select the macro created above. c. In the Menu list box, select the name of the menu that you want to assign the macro to (for example, Format). d. Click the Assign button. e. Click the OK button. To assign to a key, do the following: a. From the Macro menu select Assign to key. b. In the name list box, select the name of the macro created above. c. Press the key to assign to that function (for example, CTRL+SHIFT+S) d. Click OK. After following the above procedure, you can invoke the character formatting by selecting the text that you want to take on the character style or by positioning the insertion point at the point where you want to START typing the desired style and running the macro.

Additional reference words: 1.00 w4wmacro