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Microsoft KB Archive/37545

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C1021 Error: Bad Preprocessor PSS ID Number: Q37545 Article last modified on 11-15-1988 PSS database name: S_QuickC




When I try to compile a simple file in the QuickC environment, it gives me a Fatal Error C1021: Bad preprocessor command " Program ".


You have set up your program list incorrectly. If you select “Set Program List…” from the FILE pull-down menu, and enter the name of your program with the .c extension instead of the .mak extension, and you “Edit” your program list to the same name, QuickC tries to compile the make file instead of the actual source code.

Make sure you enter the name of your make file on this prompt instead of the program name. In addition, make sure you select “Edit Program List…” from the FILE pull-down menu as well, and add the program name to the program list. You probably have lost the program; now you only have the make file. QuickC has saved the make file on top of your program.

To demonstrate this problem, do the following:

  1. Try to write the program Goo.C

  2. Try to set up a program list.

  3. Select the FILE pull-down menu, and choose the “Set Program List…” selection.

  4. *.mak pops up in a box; enter Goo.C.

  5. Select “Edit Program List…” from the FILE menu, and press ENTER.

  6. The program is added to the list; select SAVE to save the program list.

  7. QuickC prompts you to “Overwrite” the existing file; choose “Yes”.

  8. Try to compile the program and you receive following the error:

    fatal error C1021: (1 of 0) bad preprocessor command ‘Program’

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1988.