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Works: Modem Can’t Connect on IBM PS/2 Model 50Z

PSS ID Number: Q37523 Article last modified on 10-16-1998

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Early versions of the IBM PS/2 Model 50Z shipped with a serial port that uses a nonstandard interrupt. Consequently, the Microsoft Works for MS-DOS Communications tool cannot communicate with a modem connected to this serial port. IBM has changed the port to use the standard interrupt in more recent versions of the Model 50Z.

Programs that use BIOS function calls to drive the serial port can communicate using the Model 50Z’s serial port. Also, programs that have been patched can use the Model 50Z’s serial port. However, Works does not use the BIOS in accessing a serial port and has not been patched for use with the older Model 50Zs.

IBM is replacing these system boards in existing IBM PS/2 Model 50Z computers. A faulty system board is identified by module ZM41 (near the center of the system board) marked with part number 05FOX3628, and the computer’s serial number is one of the following:

 Model 50Z 31           Model 50Z 61
 ------------           ------------

 23-7134521             23-7634866
 72-7072052             55-6667427
 78-4223666             72-7617500
 90-5011650             90-5602521

If the system board is not replaced by IBM, the only workaround available is to use the internal modem with the Model 50Z.

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