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Display Switches for EGA Standard Card (64K Memory)

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If you have an EGA standard card (64K memory) and an Enhanced Color Display (ECD) monitor, use the table below.

For an EGA standard card (64K memory) and a monochrome monitor, use the table below but substitute 2 colors for 16.

The following are the display switches in Word version 4.00 for the EGA Standard Card:

If You Type the Following: Word Will Display in the Following Manner: ————– ——————————————

word/g 640x200 resolution, 25 lines, 16 colors

word/c Text mode, 25 lines, 16 colors

word/m 640x350 resolution, 25 lines, 2 colors

word/h/c Text mode, 43 lines, 16 colors

word/h 640x350 resolution, 43 lines, 2 colors

Note: In Word version 5.00, these switches are not valid. Select the desired mode in the Options “display mode:” field.

In Word version 5.50, these switches also are not valid. Select the desired mode in View Preferences (ALT, V, E), Display Mode (D).

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